Department of Medicine

The Department of Medicine


  • Be the center of excellence in community oriented medical education where the graduates are guided by moral, ethical and professional standards.


  • Produce excellent and relevant physicians who can influence the health care system; matched by their sense of commitment in the attainment of health of the Filipino people in any setting.

Primary Goal and Objectives

  • The medical department shall carry out its mission with the overall objective of providing excellent service oriented medical education.

Specifically, the objectives include the following:

  1. Medical education- to prepare medical graduates who:
    • can provide competent, comprehensive, cost-effective and culturally acceptable medical care in any setting
    • are socially conscious, innovative and responsive to the needs of the country.
    • Can function as health developer and innovator.
  2. Research
    • To integrate evidence-based medicine in the practice of healing.
    • To conduct relevant research projects related to MDGs(4,5 and 6)
  3. Continuing Education and Community Extension Services
    • To collaborate and establish linkages with partner agencies
    • Establish linkages with local and foreign institutions involved in teaching, research and training in the various fields.
    • To provide continuing professional growth and development of medical faculty.
  4. Consultancy/Exchange Programs
    • To make available faculty expertise to partner agencies national and global.
    • To innovate and implement community extension service projects.

Performance Pledge

To our Students

  1. The medical department commits the following:
  2. Provision of learning materials and proficiency in learning instruction
  3. Institute and customize tutorials
  4. Utilize technologies to improve learning related experiences
  5. Establish feedback mechanism in aid of improving learning
  6. Achieve 100% performance in the physician licensure examination

To the community

  • To provide excellent, service oriented and relevant medical doctors committed to serve the Filipino people in all setting.

To the Faculty

  • Provide continuing professional growth and development of medical faculty.
  • Publish relevant researches in refereed/Thompson Reuters journals.
  • Promote activities that will enhance physical and emotional well being.