Community Health Work Department

The Community Health Work (CHW) Department


Center of excellence for transformative education in midwifery, research and public service directed towards the improvement of health outcomes and attainment of a better quality of life of mothers, newborn and children in underserved and marginalized populations and communities in the Philippines.


  1. To develop clinically competent and socially accountable midwives who will provide quality health and midwifery services in underserved and marginalized communities of the Philippines.
  2. To lead in the design and testing of innovative undergraduate and graduate programs/curricula for the training of clinically competent and socially accountable midwives.
  3. To generate relevant research and publication to contribute to the improvement of maternal, newborn and child health and the knowledge and practice of midwifery.


The CHW Department endeavors to:

  1. To produce competent midwives that will serve the underserved & marginalized group in the country.
  2. A high standard of professional knowledge, skills & attitude.
  3. Lead and demonstrate exemplary performance in the field of public health.
  4. Advocate sustainable programs for the community and the environment; and
  5. Undertake scientific and significant researches to MCH.


In the pursuit of the vision, mission, and objectives of CHW Department, we, the faculty, do hereby commit and pledge:

  • Serve with the highest degree of professionalism, accountability and integrity;
  • Pledge & commit tutorial to our student;
  • Achieve a 100% Midwifery Board Exam Result;
  • Respond to the needs of the underserved & marginalized group in the Philippines;
  • Ensure compliance with existing curricular policies and standards of midwifery practice in our country.

Service & academic excellence, we pledge;
Health manpower, we commit;
Social accountability we value & live by.