MEMO PAEP 16-65] 20161216 Disbursements for One UP Professorial Chair and Faculty Grant Awards (2016-2018)

Dear Chancellors,

Please find Memo PAEP 16-65 on the One UP PC & FG Awards Disbursement Instructions. Please note that Accounting and Budget Offices do not need to wait for the scanned copies to be uploaded as long as the faculty awardees provide a copy of their signed approval forms.

The Statement of No Conflict can be downloaded in the following link:

Approved Applications (List) as of 19 December 2016:

Scanned approval forms (populating as scanned copies come in):

Units that have pending applications from the first call that have not yet appeared in the list will be processed, hopefully finished by January 2017. Second call applications are also being processed. Some have finished evaluations, however, some are still ongoing. Please remind the units to finish the evaluations by early January.

On the Next Calls
To answer some of the questions po, this is just advanced info: the Board approved the proposal to make the calls for One UP PC & FG Awards yearly and part-time faculty may now be eligible as long as they satisfy the criteria. This is still for publication in the Gazette and the details of the 2017-2019 call will be released on January as well. The evaluated period of work will most likely be from June 2013 to July 2016 and the same scoring system will be used. The Academic Data Collection Portal will become available for submissions once the details for the call have been released.

Thank you very much and happy holidays!

Warmest regards,